Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Few Radio Pieces I've Filed This Summer

The other day I grabbed some of my radio stories from the station's computers.  Here are a few clips. 

This first one follows the story of two teenagers enamored with 2Pac. They, along with many Georgian youth, love Gangsta Rap.

The next story follows Tbilisi's booming car market.  Want to be a car salesman? Just grab some friends, take a road trip to Germany, buy some Beemers and drive them back to Georgia. Fsyo!

If you're interested in why Georgia is on the brink of war with Russia, this piece with Georgia's premiere foreign policy wonk will clear things up.  If you're not interested, this clip will bore you to death.

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Anonymous said...

Hey J-Bird! My mom called to let me know you're in a war zone...I freaked out. I hope you are safe and you will be home soon. Know I'm sending you love.xoemily